How to buy a hot tub

Last year, a garden hot tub jumped to the top of many people’s wish lists; with many wholesale hot tub supplies distributors struggling to keep up with demand. Buying a hot tub isn’t just a pricey water feature.

They can provide a variety of health benefits, with hours of home relaxation to you and your family. As wholesale hot tub supplies experts, Aqua Warehouse hot tub buying guide reveals the best way to purchase a luxury spa; outlining different types of hot tubs, typical prices and sizes.

Types of wholesale hot tubs on offer

Hard shell hot tubs

Hard shell hot tubs possess a hard base and side panels. These tubs can come in a variety of

materials, including acrylic, wood and plastic. They often have powerful jets, internal heating

systems and more space inside compared to an inflatable option. Hard shell hot tubs also have the added benefit of being suitable for use in all seasons, which is why they are the number one choice for wholesale hot tub traders.

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Inflatable hot tubs

Inflatable hot tubs are exactly what it says on the tin; they are hot tubs that can be inflated with

air. These tubs possess an external heater that warms the water, with an air blower to inflate the

walls and power the jets.

Unlike hard shell hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs do not normally come with seats. There are also far

less features on inflatable spas, but for an added cost you can get lights, head rests and drink

holders for the best inflatable hot tubs.

Hot tub sizes

There are three industry-standard hard shell hot tub shapes. These include:

  • Small 163cm - 213cm L x 165cm - 207cm W x 74cm - 89cm H

  • Medium 201cm – 241cm L x 195cm – 241cm W x 84cm – 98cm H

  • Large 213cm – 274cm L x 213cm – 280cm W x 91cm – 97cm H

Please note, these measurements are not set in stone and may vary depending on the brand. Inflatable spas do not have a standard set of sizes. Instead, they typically categorise the size of the hot tub by how many can it can seat. This usually ranges from 1-2 up to 6-8 people.

Key Features of Wholesale Hot Tubs

Before splashing out at a wholesale hot tub supplier, it’s important to check for key hot tub accessories and features. As a wholesale hot tub accessories supplier, we recommend checking:


The number, type and positioning of jets will vary with each hot tub. Paying more will typically allow for more jets and customised positioning.


Better insulated tubs will keep the water warm for longer and ultimately reduce energy usage.

100% full foam insulation is considered one of the best.


Perfect for night-time dips. Lights should come as standard with hard-shell tubs but will be a

special addition to inflatables. You can also buy floating lights as an accessory.

Hot tub covers

A cover for spas is essential to ensuring its longevity. We also recommend checking out

the Covana cover, for those who want to add a luxurious feel to their spa set up. These enclosures are great for rainy or windy days and most can be taken down easily if you want to sit in the sun.

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How to buy a wholesale hot tub

The best way to buy a wholesale hot tub is to visit a wholesaler, who specialises in supplying and

distributing high quality spas. Make sure to check the brand of spas they stock to ensure they are up to industry standard, as well as checking how long the dealership has been in business. The longer they have been trading, the more likely you are to receive a high quality product.

Buying a wholesale hot tub has never been easier; We work with a variety of suppliers, including Aqua Warehouse and Reef Spas, so you know you’re investing in the best products to suit your budget. If you would like more information about buying a wholesale hot tub, visit our traders page at If you would like more information about purchasing accessories for your dealership, give us a call today on 01245 477 400