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Visit our luxury indoor showroom in Chelmsford, Essex. To see the large range of swim spas.

Aqua Warehouse

Unit 1-3 Rignals Lane

Chelmsford, Essex


Opening Hours
Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm
Sat 10am - 4pm
Sun 10am - 4pm​

Contact Details

01245 477 400

Browse our range of Swim Spas for sale

You and your family deserve to enjoy the many great health benefits that luxury swim spa offer while you relax in the comfort of your garden! Explore our collection using our search filter: brand, style, shape, capacity, size, etc.

Aqua Warehouse is the leading company for luxury swim spas in the UK. We have an extensive range of swim spas for sale. Choose from brands like Vita Spas, Reef Spas and Whirlcare.

Our experts are on hand to help you find the perfect swim spa and cover accessories that suit your needs. You can enjoy all the benefits of owning one of our luxury swim spas and relax at home with friends or family!

We have something for everyone. All our luxury swim spas come with an installation guide, so no need to worry about finding someone to install the unit for you! 

We're open 7 days a week - so contact us on 01245 477 400 now! Jump to the bottom of the page for opening times.

What is the difference between hot tubs and swim spas?

Unlike a hot tub, a swim spa is designed mainly for fitness purposes. If you are an avid swimmer, love open water swimming, and want to keep up your fitness routine at home- swim spas offer a great swim quality!

Swim spas come with a smooth and powerful motor that creates a water current you can swim against. Furthermore, they are larger than hydropool hot tubs but smaller than regular pools. A hot tub provides relaxation and soothes sore muscles. But a swim spa offers much more space and comfort.

Why buy a swim spa from Aqua Warehouse?


We make choosing your swim spa easy. Browse our categories of swim spas or speak with a member of our team for help.

At Aqua Warehouse, we have many happy customers. Here are some reasons why people trust us when buying swim spas:

  • We're the leading swim spa company in the country

  • Our extensive range of quality products at affordable prices

  • We guarantee your satisfaction

  • 20 years of experience in the industry - we're experts!

  • More than 600 testimonials from customers very satisfied with our products

  • Fantastic customer service

  • We pride ourselves on the highest quality in all parts of the process: design, construction, installation, delivery.

  • Finance offer: pay nothing for 1 year! (regulated credit terms and conditions apply, see details here)




1. Are swim spas really worth it?


Yes, if you want to invest in improving your health, wellness, and longevity. Installing a swim spa is a comfortable way to stay fit in your garden without breaking the bank or spending on expensive gym memberships or saunas.

2. Can you actually swim in a swim spa?


Absolutely! Not many people know this, but you can swim in a 12-foot spa that is 4.5 feet deep. And you can do it all year round no matter what the weather is like. Ideal for athletes or occasional swimmers, regardless of ability!

3. Can a swim spa act as a hot tub?


It's almost the same as a hot tub and offers the same hydrotherapy benefits for your body as hot tubs. But unlike a hot tub, it allows you to enjoy swimming. Specific benefits include your own private exercise space and no chlorine odour. Check our collection of hot tubs for sale if you are still not sure which of the two will better suit your needs.

4. Is it expensive to run a swim spa?


No. Unlike a swimming pool, you don't need to use pool chemicals for upkeep and maintenance after installation. With swim spas, you need to change the water periodically, but you don't need to fight algae on an ongoing basis. The cost of maintaining your aquatic oasis is minimal!


Vita Spa Lady by hot tub

0 Payments for the first 12 Months!

No better time to buy a hot tub!

Payments after the first year are a 4 year period at 12.9% APR

Buy Now, Pay Later

How the product works:

  • No payments due for a 12 month period at the start of the agreement

  • No interest to be paid if the agreement is settled before the end of the holiday period (except a £29 admin fee)

  • Equal monthly repayments for duration of the agreement after holiday period (including interest calculated at inception of agreement)

  • Interest rate is fixed @ 12.9% APR over 4 years

  • Available on purchases between £500 and £25,000

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