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About Aqua Warehouse

The team at Aqua Warehouse are exactly that - a Team.

The hot tub industry is very busy and enjoyable due to its unusual products, customers and overall variety of work. This keeps the staff keen and happy. The company was started in 2003 by Richard Hart and has achieve steady growth by maintaining high standards of customer service and a solid reputation in the Pool & Spa industry.

The company now has a varied staff base with Richard still at the helm but accompanied by Sarah Mabey, Martin Rigby, John Mabey ( Come Dine with Me fame! ), Dave Thompson ( Hedge ), Max Collet ( Jon ), Sheena Whiteside, George Ella, Elliot Whitehorn, Gary Newby, Ash Chittock, James Rigby, David Arscott, Coralie Barth and not forgetting the company dogs Billy & Freddy! Billy has been highly trained at keeping customers' children amused and is also happy to accept a hug when passing. Freddy still has a lot to learn but is very keen

Meet Our Team

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