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History of hot tubs

Hot tubs, now an affordable luxury item, were once only available to the rich and influential Greeks and Romans

Hot tubs, now an affordable luxury item, were once only available to the rich and influential Greeks and Romans.


Hot tubs today still maybe considered an item of luxury but they are becoming more affordable to the average person. We are supplying more hot tubs than ever before as it becomes fashionable to have one installed in the garden for all year round use.

Beyond fashion and luxury, hot tubs have long been a tradition, which can be traced back across many different civilizations, all across the different parts of the world. Hot tubs in some form or other have been around for millennia.

Hot water has many beneficial properties including being therapeutic and relaxing, but to some it’s also a lifestyle, a way to socialise with friends and wind down, or even to do business. From the early days of the ‘SPA bath’ many civilisations have benefited from hot water springs.


In the UK there are whole towns and cities which where built around a natural hot water Spa i.e. Bath & Harrogate. The word SPA is an acronym for Sanus per Aquam, which means health through water.

While all civilizations have made their contribution to the history of hot tubs, Greeks seem to have the earliest connection.


As per Greek mythology, a few tidal pools were blessed to cure. And so around these pools, bathing facilities were conceptualized and chambers were built. Thus natural elements were combined with constructed amenities to create a healing affect. Introduced by the Romans, marriages also used to take place in hot tubs.


Did you ever think the history of hot tubs could be so glamorous?

Not everyone was blessed with a natural Spa on their doorstep, and it is thought the Japanese were the first to introduce the custom built ‘bathing spa’ with piping to deliver the hot water. These are stand along types are known as Ofuro in Japan. So it’s possibly thanks to the Japanese we now have portable spa’s and hot tubs.

Today hot tubs are small, smart, affordable structures, which are no longer considered a luxury item exclusively for the rich. Even some holiday companies are installing them in their holiday units and selling these as a luxury accommodation.

In conclusion, a hot tub is nothing new, but modern technology and manufacturing techniques make them more affordable than ever before. All you need is to decide which one you want.

If you are still not sure, or have other questions, please ask us.

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