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Hot tub location and installation

Depending where you want to locate your new hot tub the installation suggestions vary.

Indoor location:

If you are using the services of a professional hot tub installer there should be no problems, which need concern you other than accessibility and suitability of the location. If you are installing your hot tub indoors, possibly the biggest concern is the weight bearing of the floor.


The average 4 person hot tub weights 2000 kilos when full of water, so if you have a wooden floor it is very likely it will require strengthening prior to installation. So in preparation for the hot tub it is always safer to get an inspection (survey) from a competent person.

The other minor concern might be access to an electric connection. Though many hot tubs now connect direct to a standard 13amp socket, it is always wise to connect via a dedicated circuit breaker.

Another consideration of an indoor location should be ventilation. A hot tub will release water vapour containing the hot tub chemicals, this may cause problems of condensation, leading to damp, and the inhalation of the chemicals. For these reason it is advised you have adequate ventilation in the room via means of an extractor.

Outdoor location:

Many people prefer to have their hot tub installed in the open air. There is no doubt an outside location is always better because it let’s you enjoy the natural surroundings and a view if you are lucky enough to have one. But there are other installations benefits too e.g. a solid base is more readily available, easier to fill and empty the hot tub, no condensation problems, and not chemical inhalation.

Another feature of an outdoor location is the option to choose fully or partially submersed it the ground (called a pit) or through a decking, or free standing inside a gazebo. The hot tub installation options for an outdoor location are wide and varied and can be changed easily.

Hot Tub Accessories:

Too many to mention, but probably the most important for an outdoor location are steps (unless your hot tub is submersed) and a cover to keep the heat in and the dirt out.

In conclusion, locating a hot tub is not difficult but may require some advance planning and preparation before the hot tub arrives. Generally speaking it may be easier to install in an outdoor location than indoors.

If you are still not sure, or have other questions, please ask us.

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