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At Aqua Warehouse, we have the best selection of hot tubs for sale. Models from 2-7 seats, with superb features. Our luxury hot tubs are manufactured by some of the world's best hot tub brands: Vita Spas, Reef Spas, Hanscraft, Whirlcare, and Covana.

We have stylish hot tubs for the ultimate spa experience! Explore our collection using our search filter: brand, style, shape, capacity, size, etc. Our hot tubs come with a host of appealing features and accessories, such as hot tub covers! We also provide flexible financing options with no payment due for the first 12 months.

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You and your family deserve to enjoy the many great health benefits that hot tubs offer while you relax in the comfort of your garden in the summer!

Hydrotherapy is a tremendous form of relaxation and stress relief. It makes you feel a sense of peace and tranquillity in your body at the end of a long day. Hot tubs also relieve muscle tension and can produce more effective relief from stiffness caused by arthritis.

Our staff has years of experience and can help you find the perfect hot tub for your home. Want to learn more about what we have available? Contact us on 01245 477 400 if you have any questions about our hot tubs. We’d love to hear from you.

Why buy a hot tub from Aqua Warehouse?

With almost 20 years of experience in the industry here are some of the top reasons why we are a trusted supplier of hot tubs and swim spas in the UK:

  • Extensive range of luxury hot tubs that last a lifetime

  • Our expertise gained from years of experience in the market

  • Fantastic after-sales customer service

  • 600+ positive testimonials

  • Expert staff who can answer any questions about installation or maintaining your hot tub

  • We offer free delivery for your order and all other products.

  • Finance: as a regulated credit broker, we provide finance options over 4 years, from £500 to £25,000 (conditions apply).


How are your hot tubs delivered?

Our delivery company will deliver your hot tub, set it up on your deck or in an area of your choice that is level. You also receive hose adapters and chemicals to keep the water clean and the jets free-flowing.

Can your hot tubs be used indoors?

Yes. People who need hydrotherapy for pain relief love a soak in a hot tub. Consider which sizes and shapes will fit in the space you have at home. Speak to us about your plans, and we'll walk you through the process and recommend the best place to install your hot tub.

Will it work on a standard household 13 amp socket?

Yes. We have a variety of hot tubs suitable for standard UK 13 amp electrical outlets. You'll need a power cord and a weather-resistant plug (to keep it safe and dry). You can connect any model to the electricity supply in your house.

Do I need to have a solid base for a hot tub?

Yes. It's important to have a sturdy foundation that can withstand the weight of the hot tub. We recommend a concrete foundation installation. For more details, consult our hot tub installation guide.

Is it expensive to heat a hot tub?

In the UK, it costs about £800 per year. Not as expensive as a swim spa but not as cheap as a heating sauna. The cost also depends on the temperature range you use, how often, and the length of sessions. Overall, a small price for the benefit of enjoying hydrotherapy sessions at home.

Are hot tubs expensive to operate?

If you run it for an hour per day during the week and four hours on weekends, it would cost around £800-£1000 a year. Also, budget for replacing the water filter (or filters if a dual system). And maintenance of the jets to keep your hot tub in tip-top condition.


0 Payments for the first 12 Months!

No better time to buy a hot tub!

Payments after the first year are a 4 year period at 19.9% APR

Buy Now, Pay Later

How the product works:

  • No payments due for a 12 month period at the start of the agreement

  • No interest to be paid if the agreement is settled before the end of the holiday period (except a £29 admin fee)

  • Equal monthly repayments for duration of the agreement after holiday period (including interest calculated at inception of agreement)

  • Interest rate is fixed @ 19.9% APR over 4 years

  • Available on purchases between £500 and £25,000