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Quality Time

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

If there’s one thing in life that we can all agree is important, it’s making time for our nearest and dearest. Whether that’s your friends or family, quality time should be a priority in all our lives.

Where better to do this than in your back garden, here’s our favourite ways to enjoy quality time with others in a hot tub or swim spa…

  • Date night. Grab a glass of wine and soak with your loved one in the tub and enjoy talking about your day, goals or future together.

  • Family fun. Take some time as a family without leaving the house, you can have a splash, learn some new things about one another or maybe you’ll bring the water guns!

  • Girls (or boys) night! Invite your friends over for a movie, take way and end it in the tub filling one another in on your busy lives without the distractions of phones.

We hope you find investing in a hot tub or swim spa in 2023 as investing in your friends and family. Next week will be our final new year tip on why a hot tub may change your life in 2023!




Jess Court

I'm Aqua Warehouse Groups Marketing Officer - overseeing all things news worthy in the hot tub industry, with tips and tricks that are bound to make a splash.

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