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What is the difference between an on/off and inverter heat pump?

Updated: 5 days ago

A common question asked is the difference between an on/off and inverter heat pump. And aside from the on/off being slightly cheaper there are differences worth noting. We all want to save money buying a heat pump but is the inverter version worth the extra cost.

In simple terms the on/off does exactly what is says. It is either on or off. Full power or no power. And this concept works perfectly fine.

An inverter heat pump checks the temp of the water and then considers what amount of power to use. If for example the required temp is much higher than the actual temp the heat pump will decide to go on full power as it has a lot of work to do. However, if the required temp is only a degree above the actual temp the inverter heat pump will only use a much smaller amount of power as there’s not much work to do. Thus saving money and operating much quieter. We all like saving money plus a heat pump operating quietly has got to be a plus. Also, as the Inverter is often running at a lower speed, the longevity of the pump is likely to be much longer.

So to compare it to buying a car. You can buy a cheap car or a more expensive car. Both will get you from A to B but the more expensive car might be cheaper to run, may last a lot longer and give the user a better experience. Your choice.

So an Inverter heat pump may be more expensive to purchase but will offer lower running costs, most likely last longer and run much quieter. But if you’re on a tight budget the on/off heat pump will still do the job.

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Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter
Jun 23

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