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What Temperature Should a Hot Tub Be?

Hot tubs offer a sense of comfort and calming feeling after a long tiring day, and it's no surprise why most people want one.

However, problems may arise when you don't know the perfect temperature to set your hot tub to. To avoid learning from experience the hard way, it's time you discover what temperature works for you, so you can enjoy maximum relief.

Majority of hot tub users prefer to unwind in a hot tub temperature range of 36-38℃, and while that might be a good thing, it doesn't apply to every person.

Personal preference, health risks, and safety reasons are all factors that'll affect your tub temperature.

Ideally, if you intend to have a perfect hot tub temperature to burn out the stress of the day, you can set it at 40℃, as it's not advisable to go higher than that because it'll be dangerous to do so.

But, you can decide to have fun and test out the point at which you'll have maximum enjoyment; you can do this by tweaking the hot tub's temperature until you find a completely comfortable temperature for you and your family members.

So, we recommend experimenting until you figure out the perfect temperature without the risk of overheating.

Why hot tub temperature is important?

To enjoy your hot tub experience you need to get it right, and that's why majority of hot tub owners tweak their spa temperature to a few degrees depending on the time of the year.

Hot tub temperatures are very important for people who have underlying health conditions, and can easily develop heat stroke.

Most hot tubs come with the option of a temperature limit; which means, you can't exceed a particular set temperature.

Those with health conditions should speak to a medical professional before using a hot tub or very heated water.

What are heat-related health risks?

Different temperatures for different folks, yes we agree on that. However, if your body temperature exceeds 39℃, you have no business relaxing in hot water, until your body temperature drops.

Understandably, you might want to use it to ease muscle aches or pains, so we advice you to do that at a lower temperature. Set the water temperature of your hot tub to as low as 26℃, and enjoy.

Almost all modern hot tubs come with low temperatures, so it's best to put that into consideration when making your purchase from your local dealer, to enjoy maximum benefit.

Some of the health risk associated with not using the right temperature for your hot tub, especially when you are unwell or have heart conditions, includes;

  • Heat stroke

  • Heat exhaustion

  • Dehydration

  • Heat rash and cramps

However, even if you are a healthy adult, you should be conscious of water temperatures because it's essential if you don't want to develop any health complications.

What is the ideal temperature for a hot tub?

There is no authorised ideal temperature for a hot tub, it's dependent on what you prefer, health risks, and of course your body temperature as well. If you have a high body temperature of above 37℃, it's worth reducing the temperature of your hot tub, and setting it to a low temperature.

The highest temperature you can set your hot tub to is 40℃, which is just one temperature above normal body temperature.

However, take full advantage of your hot tub, and experiment few degrees that'll you'll love, especially if you're just buying your first hot tub.

Many spa owners love to turn up their hot tub water during winter, while those that live in an extremely hot climate, try to stay warm by reducing their hot tub temperature; plus they save money and more energy this way.

What is the maximum temperature for a hot tub?

Staying safe while enjoying outdoor living in your hot tub is important. The essence of a swim spa is to relax and enjoy the benefits of soaking yourself up in heated water. However, the maximum temperature shouldn't exceed 40 Celsius.

Is 110 degrees too hot for a hot tub?

For those who live in a cold climate and are surrounded by cold air, the maximum degree you can set your hot tub to is 106 degrees, and anything above that can cause heat stroke.

Regardless of how freezing the atmosphere may be, to stay hydrated, you need to be conscious of hot temperatures when using a hot tub.

What is the minimum temperature for a hot tub?

When your hot tub is too cool you might miss out on the soothing feeling it gives, and that's why a certain degree is recommended.

To maintain balance, the lowest degree you can set your hot tub at is 98 degrees to ensure it still gives a relaxing sensation and of course, provide relief.

However, you need to know that lowering the temperature of your hot tub doesn't drastically reduce heating costs or chemical consumption, because using a hot tub regularly and having to reheat it all the time, will increase your energy cost.

But, you can save money on energy bills by lowering the temperature of your hot tub if you're going to be away from home for a long period.

Is 90 degrees too cold for a hot tub?

Spa pools shouldn't have a temperature of below 98 degrees, so yes, 90 degrees is definitely too low.

At 95-98 degrees you still have refreshing warm water bubbling in your hot tub. Depending on the ambient temperature, you can switch off the heater, turn on the water jets, and wait for the water to cool off.

Ideal hot tub temperature according to different conditions, gender, and ages?

The question "what temperature should a hot tub be?" has no specific answer, because water temperature varies based on preference, age and health factors.

What is the safe hot tub temperature for pregnant women?

Generally, all pregnant women need approval from a doctor before swimming or relaxing in a hot tub. To stay safe during pregnancy, you need to set the temperature of your hot tub at 108 degrees and don't stay too long inside the water.

Occasionally using a hot tub for hydrotherapy isn't bad, but consult your doctor before doing so, because a prolonged stay in a heated hot tub might be harmful to the developing baby.

Is it safe to use hot tubs if you have a history of cardiovascular issues?

If you have any medical underlying conditions, you need to speak with your physician first, so you can be aware if heated hot tubs are designed for you or not.

Depending on your health issues, steam may have an adverse effect, so warmer water soaks might be better. Contact your doctor to get medical professional tips.

What is the safe hot tub temperature for children?

Typically, children aren't meant to stay in a hot tub without being supervised. The ideal temperature for children of 6 years and above is 95 degrees, and they shouldn't be there for more than 10 minutes.

The bodies are kids are less tolerant to heat, and in a matter of few minutes, they can easily overheat, so adults need to monitor their time duration in the hot tub regardless of the weather.

Ideally, we don't advice kids below the age of 5 years to relax in a hot tub or have a soak for extended hours.

What is the best temperature for men?

Most men usually have more muscle mass, and as such, it's common that they'll naturally prefer to use a warm soak against a hotter water temperature. Men can set their hot tub water to 37℃ to enjoy their quality time.

What is the best temperature for women?

Women who engage in early morning runs or exercises usually love the idea of having a heated hot tub as it helps ease sore muscles while leaving their body system energised.

Typically, the best temperature for women is 39 degrees Celsius.

Hot Tub Temperature During Different Seasons

This isn't a necessity, as many hot tub owners set their hot tub temperature to a regulated degree all year round. However, if you want to get the best experience out of your pool, it's best to take into account the ideal hot tub temperature depending on the weather.

What is the ideal hot tub temperature during winter?

Winter is usually really cold, and one of the major concerns anyone will have is how to remain warm.

During this period, you can raise the temperature of your hot tub to 97 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Setting a lower temperature in winter can even cause your tub water to freeze.

What temperature should a hot tub be set at in the summer?

During summer, it's best to set your hot tub to 97 to 99 degrees to prevent you from freezing.

What temperature should I keep my hot tub at when not in use?

Depending on how long you plan on staying away, your hot tub can either be turned off completely or reduced drastically. For those who are going away for a short while, it's best to leave hot tubs at 50 degrees.

This will not only help maintain a safe and warm temperature, but it also won't spike up your electricity bills.

However, if you are going away for a long time and you live in an extremely cold environment, it's best to fully drain your tub of hot water and turn it off. Doing this will prevent it from freezing and ruining your pipes. Think about it; fixing pipes in hot tubs costs more in comparison to a few bucks you'll splash on electricity costs.

What temperature should I leave my hot tub on overnight?

Hot tubs shouldn't be put off every night because then, you'll have to reheat to an operational temperature in the morning.

Generally, the majority of hot tub owners do this with the intention that they are saving costs on their swim spa when in reality it's the opposite.

Most hot tubs have a heating element that ensures efficient regulation of heat. So, turning on and off the heater will only cause you to use more energy.

How to adjust hot tub temperature?

Hot tubs come with a different operating system, and there's no set way to adjust the temperature. However, you can ask your local dealer to explain or go through the manufacturer's manual to understand the best way to tweak hot tubs.

Remember that your safety comes first, and regardless of ambient temperature, you need to set the temperature accordingly, especially for those who are vulnerable (pregnant women, the elderly, and those with health complications).

How long does a hot tub take to heat up?

Heating a hot tub to an operational temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit will take you around 4 hours because water takes about an hour to heat up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

We have a resource, for more specific information on how long a hot tub takes to heat.


So quick answer to the question "how hot should a hot tub be"?; is 98 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. When choosing a temperature, you need to put into consideration family members, plus friends who might come to visit and spend vacations.

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