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Chlorine Versus Bromine: Choosing The Right Hot Tub Sanitizer

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

New hot tub owners often have the same question when it comes to buying the best hot tub chemicals for their spa; what is the difference between chlorine and bromine?

Many people assume chlorine is for pools and bromine is for spas. But that doesn’t have to be the case. In this week's blog, our team discusses some of the differences between chlorine and bromine sanitisers, so you can select the best hot tub chemicals for your spa.


Chlorine is one of the fastest and easiest hot tub sanitisers to use. Chlorine tablets or sticks can be used in floating dispensers, in line or offline chlorine feeders. Granular chlorine can be pre-dissolved in a bucket of water and poured around the pool.

Chlorine dissolves almost immediately after entering your spa. As chlorine begins disinfecting the water, it forms compounds called chloramines. These compounds produce the chlorine smell that you might associate with swimming pools.

It's important to remember that these compounds reduce the killing power of chlorine as it builds up over time. That’s why we recommend using the aquaSPArkle rapid shock treatment to burn off inactive chloramines and ensure fresh chemicals can continue to disinfect the pool. Chlorine is also easily broken down by sunlight. We highly recommend using a stabiliser, such aquaSPAkle Hot Tub Conditioner, to prevent potential breakdowns.


Bromine is available in tablets or granules and should be used in a feeder, floating dispenser or placed in your skimmer basket as they take longer to dissolve. Unlike chlorine, bromine has a slow-dissolving nature. This means it can take longer to build up in your spa water, making it more difficult to raise quickly if the bromine level drops.

While Chlorine can be broken down by sunlight, Bromine is far more stable and effective in high temperatures; which is why it’s commonly used for outdoor hot tubs and swim spas. Bromine produces compounds called bromamines, which continue to disinfect your hot tub without producing odor, or burning the eyes. Bromamines can also be reactivated by a shocking treatment and be returned to their full strength.

For those looking for hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin, we recommend YourSpa Bromine Tablets, as they do not cause much skin and eye irritation compared to chlorine.

The Best Hot Tub Chemicals

While chlorine and bromine are both very effective sanitisers, they both have their pro’s and cons. While Chlorine is much cheaper for spa maintenance, Bromine is far superior for keeping your spa water in tip-top condition.

If you have any questions about which hot tub sanitisers are right for you, please give us a call on 01245 477400 or visit our website




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