Hot Tub Accessories Guide: How to Fix Cloudy Water

Cloudy hot tub water is one of the most common issues which all hot tub owners will face at some point in their lifetime. But don't worry, we’ve created a little guide with a list of the best hot tub chemicals to help you turn your spas water from a cloudy haze to crystal clear.

Unbalanced Water

Having healthy, sparkling clear hot tub water requires that your water is balanced. Having balanced water is equally as important as adding sanitizer and spa shock to keep your hot tub water clean & clear.

Unbalanced water can result in staining, scale build up and green, foamy, or cloudy water.

If the Alkalinity & pH levels are off it will also make keeping your sanitizer levels where they should be more difficult, and you might find you are adding sanitizer more frequently because it is less effective in unbalanced water.

Use a test strip to check your water, and if the Alkalintiy or pH are off, make adjustments accordingly to re-balance your water. Adjust your Alaklinity level first and get that balanced before making an adjustment to your pH levels.

Sanitizer Level Too Low

Keeping an ideal sanitizer level is a cornerstone of basic hot tub chemistry and will help maintain water that is safe, clean and clear.

Once your hot tub water is correctly balanced, check the sanitizer level is where it should be. Cloudy water is often a result of insufficent sanitizer levels in your hot tub water. To prevent your hot tub water from going cloudy, treat it with 30g (1 capful) of granular sanitizer to ensure the level rises back to the safe range. Add sanitizer as required based on your test strip results. On average most people add sanitizer 2-3 times per week.

Contaminants in Water

Hair products, skin products, detergents, oils & lotions can all contribute to cloudy water. These can be dealt with by using Non-Chlorine Shock on a regular basis.

Non-chlorine shock is a monopersulfate compound, often called MPS for short. It is an oxygen-based shock, preferred by many because it has little or no odor and does not spike up your chlorine levels.

The purpose of spa shock is to break-down organic waste contaminants which cause odor and cloudy water. After using spa shock, water quality and clarity is often completely restored.

If irritating chloramines are present in the water, shocking with chlorine free shock also converts them back to active chlorine which will sanitize your water and remove the strong chemical smell that chloramines create.

Use 100g (4 capfuls) of Spa Shock once or twice a week depending on hot tub use to eradicate contaminates and keep your water looking great.

Dirty or Clogged Filters

Dirty, clogged hot tub filters can make it difficult to maintain your hot tub's water. They can also put strain on your pumps or cause "Open Flow Switch" or "FLO" errors to occur, which stop your hot tub from filtering and heating.

Even if your pleated cartridge filters look clean, they can often be coated in oils, soaps and lotions that can clog your filters, reduce water flow, put strain on your pumps, and cause your water to be foamy or cloudy.

Rinsing your pleated hot tub filter with a garden hose every month will keep debris at bay, but a deep clean with a filter cleaning product each time you change your water will increase the efficiency of your Hot Tub filters, help your pumps perform at their best and keep your water looking and feeling great!

Keeping your filters clean and replacing them on schedule will go a long way toward keeping your water clean and clear. Click here for more on filter maintenance.

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