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Best hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

If you have sensitive skin and frequently suffer from chlorine or bromine rash, you may be tempted to abandon your spa. Fortunately, if you use the best hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin, such a drastic measure is often unnecessary.

Chemical free hot tub treatments for your spa may provide a more enjoyable experience and allow you to fully take advantage of the benefits of your spa without irritating your skin. But with so many treatments to choose from, finding the hot tub chemicals that work well for you can be difficult.

With this in mind, Aqua Spa Supplies outlines the best hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin; so you can make the most of your spa in 2021.

Natural spa water treatment

Hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin , such as an enzyme-based natural spa water treatment, can make your hot tub water feel as if you use a chemical-free hot tub treatment. One of the best hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin is Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner.

Enriched with seaweed, lanolin and vitamins C, D & E, this gentle cleaning formula, this chemical free spa treatment provides the a variety of benefits to bathers with sensitive skin, including:

  • fewer harsh chemicals are required to maintain sanitizer levels

  • it’s gentle on the hair

  • it eliminates dry skin and hot tub rash

  • it makes your skin feel soft and silky

Natural hot tub sanitiser

While Chlorine and Bromine are great for keeping your spa clean, they’re not the best hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin . For a natural hot tub sanitizer that lacks the harshness of chlorine and bromine, or reduces how much of these chemicals are required, we recommend using the Spa Marvel Cleanser.

For a non chlorine hot tub treatment, Spa Marvel Cleanser provides a unique formula made up of natural enzymes, minerals and plant extracts; a must have to prevent an allergic reaction to hot tub chemicals.

Natural hot tub cleaner

If you have sensitive skin, it’s vital to take special precautions when treating your hot tub water. Avoid contact with irritating cleaners and ensure to use a chemical free hot tub cleaner where possible.

When purchasing the best hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin, we recommend the O-Care Starter kit for Spas. This is a great, natural, starter pack that not only protects your skin from harsh chemicals, but protects your spa from biofilm, debris and harmful bacteria.

If you would like more information on the best hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin, visit Aqua Spa Supplies today.




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