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Wholesale Hot Tub: Does a hot tub increase home value

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

When homeowners consider adding a hot tub to their back garden, many often wonder if it will add value to their home. According to the Daily Mail, research conducted by Lloyds TSB Insurance revealed that one in ten houses now have a hot tub and they are increasingly becoming regarded as essential in high-end properties.

When buying a wholesale hot tub, it’s important to know you’re making the right investment for your family home. With this in mind, the wholesale hot tub supplies experts at Aqua Spa Supplies explains when a tub can add value to your home and which is the best investment.

Can a wholesale hot tub increase house value?

Buying a wholesale hot tub alone is not enough to increase the value of your home. Having a great hot tub set up is. By investing in the aesthetic of your back garden, with new decking, shrubbery and a bit of paint, this will help increase the value of your home and ensure potential buyers see its worth.

Essentially, getting value out of a spa is a matter of making it look like part of the property. When a spa is built-in or in-ground, it definitely factors into the price of the house. This includes spa vaults, spas built into backyard patios and decks, or any spa that is directly connected to a home’s water systems.

Can an inflatable spa increase house value?

No. Due to their low price points and portability, inflatable spas are unlikely to increase the value of your property. If you are looking to invest in a wholesale hot tub to increase the price of your house, we recommend opting for a high quality, hard shell option.

When does a wholesale hot tub not add value to your home?

Badly maintained spas will not add value to your home. Just like any other appliance in your house, a hot tub can detract from the home’s appeal if it hasn’t been cared for. The best investment when purchasing a spa comes down to quality materials, design, and manufacturing. Higher end hot tub models are more likely to add value to your home as they are less likely to sustain wear and tear or break down.

Not many people want to have to fix or replace a spa as soon as they move in, so make sure your spa looks desirable and fits in with the rest of your home and local environment. At Aqua Spa Supplies, hot tub accessories experts, we provide spa owners with a range of tools to ensure they can easily maintain their spa and increase its longevity.

For more information about the type of hot tub accessories we sell, visit our website today.




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