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Electric Pergola's Buying Guide

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

After a year of lockdowns, its hardly surprising we’ve been looking to enhance our outdoor living and entertaining areas. According to a survey by home design platform, 36% of renovating homeowners now plan to upgrade their gardens, inspired by the pandemic. This year, many more people are considering buying a pergola for the garden but have been lost in the sea of options out there.

At Aqua Warehouse, we offer a range of luxury electric pergolas, including a range of electric pergola options that regulate the temperature of your sheltered outdoor space in a natural way; whilst protecting it from all elements of British weather. With this in mind, here’s our guide to buying a pergola to help you make an informed decision.

Pergola Placement

This may seem too obvious to discuss but sometimes the most obvious things are most easily overlooked. You may have a precise idea of where you want your garden pergola to go but you need to think of the practical issues over where it’s placed. For example what impact will it have on existing plants and wildlife in your garden? Will you lose a good relationship with your neighbour if the position of your pergola affects sunlight in their garden?

Pergola Measurements

You’ve made the measurements but have you checked them twice? Have you selected a Pergola size that will just about fit or have you made room for a bit more space? These are things you must do before buying a Pergola. Length, width, height and area size are all measurements you must have before deciding on which Pergola you want.

Pergola Material

Garden pergolas generally come in wood material but there are different types of wood which have different benefits. The majority of wooden pergolas are made with timber and this is what you would like to go for you need to be aware that timber, particularly with the British weather needs quarterly maintenance. Is this something you’re prepared or able to do?

You may be against the idea of steel pergolas because of the fear that they’ll rust but good quality steel pergolas will be treated to prevent rust or decay. Steel is best for when you want a very large sized pergola as steel will require less structural support than wooden pergolas.

Pergola Function

Pergolas look stunning but they can also form various different functions beyond garden aesthetics. Some pergolas double up in function as seating areas or as structures for vine-based plants. Roofed pergolas are perfect for those who want a sheltered place in their garden to read books and relax.

The Perfect Electric Pergola

Whether you choose a modern or traditional design, there is no doubt your garden will benefit from the added structural interest and you'll have a fabulous area for entertaining and relaxation.

With Remanso, you can create the ultimate outdoor living space. Constructed from heavy duty powder coated aluminium with fully automatic electric opening & closing louvre style roof, Remanso’s electric pergolas allow the light & breeze in when open and protects from the sun or the rain when closed.




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