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Guide to buying wholesale hot tubs

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Buying a hot tub can be a little daunting, especially if you’re a retailer investing in wholesale hot tubs. With so many brands out there, knowing which are the best of the best can be challenging. Fear not, our team of experts here at Aqua Spa Supplies are at hand to walk you through the process and make choosing a wholesale hot tub as easy as possible.

Step 1 – Do your homework

Congratulations! You have already started doing your homework by the very fact that you are reading this hot tub buying guide.

As a supplier of a variety of hot tubs for sale, we have heard endless horror stories from unsuspecting UK hot tub buyers that have taken the risk of buying online from websites, without conducting proper research. These brands claim comparable quality to established brands at rock bottom prices. However, most of these products are grey import copies of established brands from factories in developing countries with few quality controls.

Just like any other big purchase, it’s vital to do your research. We recommend conducting a comparison of wholesale hot tub suppliers so you can invest in the best products for your store.

Step 2 - Specifications & Considerations

Once you have finalised your brand choice, it’s time to choose the models you’d like to feature in your store. It’s important to consider the specifications of the spa and other considerations before you make a purchase. The main considerations at the outset in terms of hot tub specifications are:

  • Hot tub size

  • Seating style (lounge seat or all-seater)

  • Water depth and seating depth variety

  • How it feels (the hydrotherapy massage delivered by the hot tub jets)

  • Number of seats - how many people will be using the hot tub at the same time on a regular basis

  • Number of jets

  • Number of pumps

  • Filtration system

  • Add-ons including lighting, audio systems, app integration and warranty details

Step 3 - Purchase Your Wholesale Hot Tub

When buying a wholesale hot tub, it is vital that you also choose a wholesaler that you trust, to ensure that they will support you for the entire lifespan of the spa. Always ask searching questions about warranty support and service plans to ensure that post-installation support is available.

We also recommend investing in wholesale spa supplies to compliment your hot tub range. At Aqua Spa Supplies, we pride ourselves on supplying the hot tub industry with our huge range of essential hot tub accessories and replacement parts. With a fantastic choice of own branded products and well established brands, we’re the goto place for hot tub accessories and parts.

If you would like more information on how to set up a trade account, visit our website

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a hot tub increase house value?

Buying a hot tub alone is not enough to increase the value of your home. Having a great hot tub set up is. By investing in the aesthetic of your back garden, with new decking, shrubbery and a bit of paint, this will help increase the value of your home and ensure potential buyers see its worth.

Essentially, getting value out of a spa is a matter of making it look like part of the property. When a spa is built-in or in-ground, it definitely factors into the price of the house. This includes spa vaults, spas built into backyard patios and decks, or any spa that is directly connected to a home’s water systems.

Can an inflatable spa increase house value?

When does a wholesale hot tub not add value to your home?




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