Best hot tub chemicals: How to adjust your hot tubs pH and alkalinity

When it comes to the safe enjoyment of your hot tub, it’s important to have the best hot tub chemicals to maintain clear, sanitary water. But for many first-time spa owners, monitoring and balancing chlorine, alkalinity, pH, and water hardness can seem daunting.

With this in mind, Aqua Spa Supplies outlines the best hot tub chemicals that will ensure easy hot tub chlorine water care maintenance, and a guide on how to use them.

Test your water first

Before taking a dip in your spa, it’s important to test your water. To do this, we recommend using colour coded test strips to monitor your spa’s pH levels.

In order to use these test strips, simply dip a test strip in your spa water. Then check the coloured boxes against the pack you will see if the alkalinity, pH, calcium or water hardness, chlorine levels, and overall condition of the water is within acceptable levels (see test strip packaging for instructions).

How to adjust your hot tubs alkalinity levels

Once you have used the test strips, you’ll be able to determine if your alkalinity levels are too high or low. The alkalinity level should be between 80 and 120 parts per million ppm. If it’s not in that range, you’ll have to adjust it.

Sodium bicarbonate will raise the alkalinity level; sodium bisulfate will lower it. These products, packaged by various manufacturers, are sold under names including “spa up” and “spa down” and “alkalinity up” and alkalinity down.”

If you’re unsure which product will help manage your alkalinity levels, we recommend consulting our hot tub chemical experts at Aqua Spa Supplies today.

How to adjust your hot tubs pH level

Once you have tested and adjusted your spa’s alkalinity levels, you can use the same test strip to check the pH level of your spa water. For your spa water to be safe for use, the pH level must be between 7.2 and 7.8; especially if you want your chlorine to effectively destroy bacteria.

To keep your water clean and fresh, we recommend testing your water at least twice a week! While various hot tub chemicals may work to adjust your pH, it’s always best to use our range of Yourspa products to ensure your water is well adjusted.

Buy hot tub chemicals

To keep your water clean and fresh, we recommend testing your water at least twice a week. But knowing which are the best hot tub chemicals to suit your needs can be difficult. At Aqua Spa Supplies, we specialise in providing a range of high quality hot tub accessories to ensure your spa is kept safe, fresh and clean.

For more information about spa maintenance, visit our website or get in touch with our team today.